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Modern day consumers have become increasingly aware of the quality and nutritional value of their diets. They view food not only as a means of nutrition but as a strategy for disease prevention. Therefore, opportunity exists within the dairy industry to develop innovative feeding programs to enhance the nutritional value of their products by naturally  altering the fatty acid composition of the milk.

Through extensive research and product development, O&T Farms Ltd. has designed a patented dry extrusion process to maximize the benefits of Omega-3s flaxseed and improve the transfer of these fatty acids into the milk of dairy cows without compromising milk production or milk quality. The company’s innovative research initiatives are exploring current opportunities for the development of all natural Omega-3 dairy products for  human consumption.

O&T Farms Ltd.'s Research Initiatives:

Evaluation of co-extruded flaxseed products on rumen fermentation, omasal flow of fatty acids, microbial protein production, and milk fatty acid composition in dairy cattle

Development of Omega-3 Dairy Products

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