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The research team at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Lacombe Alberta continue their excellent technical work on omega-3 Beef. Extensive experience in dietary feeds and analytical verification, provide the support the research team needs to quantify the fatty acid profile of the livestock. O&T Farms is pleased to support the work that the team at Lacombe is doing on omega-3 Beef Fat Research with the use of its own linPRO-R.

LinPRO-R is an extruded animal feed designed specifically for ruminants with flaxseed as its primary ingredient. The ability to rupture and then simultaneiously encapsulate the flaxseeds omega-3 rich oil into a soft carrier is what provides linPRO-R with its excellent digestibility along with superior palatability. These key features make linPRO-R a reliable feed source for omega-3 fatty acid elevations in a ruminant.

The attached poster from AAFC will be on display at an up-coming field day being held in August 2015 with Livestock Gentec. The poster explains work being done on Beef Fat Research at Lacombe.

2015 Field Day Poster

For further information on the AAFC-Lacombe see www.merdugan.com

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